Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Serving horror
I was prepered for anything, the food was moaning to be eaten. So now I couldn’t resest.

People came running I started to serve as quick as I can. I could also see that the others were dribbling too like a chubby Bulldog ready to eat. Half and broken pieces were crying of how they were in half and how crushed they were.

I could have died of starvation. It was too yummy the smell, everything about the food. It was too hard to resist. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to make a distraction to make them stop eating so my mind wouldn’t explode BOOM my head felt shaky like a volcano that’s about to erupt.

Crunch crunch crunch that’s the sound of people’s mouths eating my delicious food that’s right I said my delicious food. The crumbs of people’s food turned into big pieces of desert big food got bigger I was LOSING MY MIND.

Image result for pigAfter I got to sit down and eat like a pig but I ate to much for some room for desert I wish I didn’t eat at all.

By Ngamihi        

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hi I am Ngamihi and I am a yr 6 student and I love learning at Tiaho School.

My favourite things to learn about are computer skills Writing Maths and Graphs. They are also my favourite subjects at school.

My learning goals for this year are to improve as much as I can. My maths goal is to get better at my division so I can improve it better.
Image result for trampoline 
My hobbies are drawing and playing outside on the swings and the trampoline.

By Ngamihi  

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Here is my medal. It is an important because it represents New Zealand and the world. The three important pictures on my medal are the koru the  dolphins and the Tiaho stars.
Tiaho school is inportant because we have medals and respect and the initials is RJ that’s me.
New Zealand is important to me because it is special to us and me .our colours are blue and red.
My medal is a koru Paton it was made by me. The dolphins are about the ocean.
There are three afishels on my medal it is korus and dolphins represent the seven stars are in New Zealand.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Gold Medal
I made a designed a gold medal for New Zealand, Here are my artistic drawings that I have decided to do. I have the emblem of Tiaho School, and  New Zealand fern. Plus trees that represent nature. My background is gold for a gold winning athlete.
The Tiaho school emblem has four stars around a koru design that is in between the stars. I chose this design because it is the main symbol for Tiaho School. This feature is important to me because it is a good symbol for Tiaho School.
Trees are a special treasure on earth. You can tell how long it’s been there because of its rings inside of the tree. That is an interesting thing about trees. And that is why I chose it. This is special because it is a good way to learn about trees.
Ferns is a great idea for a gold medal and they will grow if you plant them. This plant is a popular plant and it is an admiring plant to look at.
I want people to wear my gold medal with pride. It will remind Tiaho people about Maori culture and how wonderful New Zealand is.       By Ngamihi